Optimy at the Swiss Foundation Symposium 2017

Tomorrow we will be attending the 2017 edition of the Swiss Foundation Symposium in Geneva, Switzerland. This event will be bringing together foundations and philanthropists from around Europe for a day of learning and networking.   This year’s theme is … Continue Reading

6 organisations that have volunteer programs to make the world a better place

Webster’s dictionary defines a volunteer as : “a person who does something by free choice usually with no payment expected or given”. This introduction may be hackneyed, but the volunteering programs you’re about to read are far from that. Check … Continue Reading

7 organisations with incredibly successful event sponsorship programs

When we talk about sponsoring events, we often think about slapping a brand’s logo on a panel and call it a day. But companies that go the extra mile and come up with different ideas usually make a better impact. … Continue Reading

Living the Dream: Working at a Cloud Software Company in Belgium

Concluding my elite rowing career, the dream to live and work overseas became possible. To accomplish this dream, I made the solo leap to London. My wife then started a master’s in Leuven which lead me to seek employment at … Continue Reading

Best of 2016 with Optimy

As the year draws to a close, here at Optimy we want to take a moment to look back at all we have achieved this year. … Continue Reading

International Volunteer Day: when the difference is made

The origins of the International volunteer day begin on the 5th of December 1985, when the United Nations designated this day as an international tradition to celebrate the power and potential of volunteerism. The theme of the International Volunteer Day … Continue Reading

Who is running a Christmas charity campaign?

Christmas is a boom time of the year for charities. People and organisations all around the world are willing to donate to their causes of interest. … Continue Reading

The power of social impact

Transforming the core business of a company into a heartwarming video showing of how they change lives is probably the best way to gain attention from the public. By maintaining focus on the social impact and stories of people rather … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Would you like to assess the impact of your projects? (6/6)

Do you also find assessing the impact of your projects difficult? We have heard from many people that they struggle with finding the right KPI’s and don’t have a working tool in place to consistently assess and compare their projects. … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Making a difference through CSR

In her post published on the blog of the Huffington Post on August 27, Anneliza Humlen, the president and founder of SocialVoice LLC, shares her point of view on the best ways for companies of having a real impact through … Continue ReadingContinue Reading