Optimy from inside – Meet the team

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Experts for Optimy: Talking about internal sponsorship activation

Here at Optimy we love sharing ideas and inspirations on how to make the best out of your sponsorship or grant activities. So why not having experts from the field joining our mission? Today we hand it over to Joachim … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

The 3 funniest commercials announcing sponsorship deals

Sponsorships are great opportunities to build a brand image. They can be important, sometimes expensive projects on a global scale that require careful attention. So once you decide to become a sponsor, how do you announce this fact to the … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Optimy from Inside: meet the team

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Celebrity endorsement: what are the risks?

Even if celebrity endorsement can be an excellent means of marketing a product, companies have to consider potential risks before starting such a strategy. … Continue Reading

Content marketing as a way to activate your sponsorship

When companies activate their sports sponsorships, they often use the same means to promote their activities. Therefore it is difficult to hit the sweet-spot of audience engagement, which is the key reason to engage in these sponsorship activities. … Continue Reading

Sponsoring bike-sharing schemes: a worthwhile investment?

With an estimated 600 bike-sharing schemes worldwide, especially popular in densely populated cities, the sponsorship or CSR possibilities for these bikes seem to be clear-cut. But even though these bikes can be found in any major city, the evidence on … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Sponsorship, a way of differing from traditional advertising

On September 12, Asian Sponsorship Association Vice President Ben Flint was the guest of Bloomberg’s Rishaad Salamat on “On The Move” to discuss the lucrative market of sponsorship deals in Asia, the different forms of sponsorship and the development of … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

The impact of digital media on sponsorship campaigns

Accenture released a survey about the evolutions of marketing which reports the omnipresence of digital technologies. Generate, the sponsorship agency, refers to this survey to explain the impact of digital marketing on sponsorship, especially Facebook and Google. It states that … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Social media sponsorship – a way to reach a larger audience

The article written by Serge Valentin and published in Les Echos, try to explain us the evolution and the added value of sponsorship thanks to social media. Even if traditional marketing is still used, its digital form can complete it … Continue ReadingContinue Reading