Graph with foundations types

10 types of foundations

Did you know there are many types of foundations and each of them are set up to support different purposes. Give this article a read to find out ten of the many types of foundations. Arts Foundation Individual artist or … Continue Reading

7 sponsorship epic fails

Have you ever seen sponsorship epic fails? If not, here is a list of 7 epic fail sponsorship that will entertain you for a while. Some you may just laugh at and some may make you want to watch out … Continue Reading

Optimy from inside – Meet the team

Name: Justine Surname: Parfait Position: Online Marketing Intern Nationality: French … Continue Reading

The power of social impact

Transforming the core business of a company into a heartwarming video showing of how they change lives is probably the best way to gain attention from the public. By maintaining focus on the social impact and stories of people rather … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Why do corporations need to integrate their CSR activities in their business?

It takes nowadays much more to convince consumers of a company’s sustainable message. Consumers do not longer believe that planting a few trees in a rainforest will make a company ethical. In addition to this, with the rise of ultra-transparency, … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Content marketing as a way to activate your sponsorship

When companies activate their sports sponsorships, they often use the same means to promote their activities. Therefore it is difficult to hit the sweet-spot of audience engagement, which is the key reason to engage in these sponsorship activities. … Continue Reading

How to assess sponsorship project performance thanks to technology

Sponsorships, especially in sports, are commonly seen as a unique way to engage emotionally with fans. Brands are paying top dollar to be prominently featured in those unforgettable moments such as a winning goal in the final minute of a … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

CSR as a corporate success factor

The societal concern about sustainability and other CSR themes has grown from nearly nothing in the early 90’s to a dominant theme today. Sustainability is nowadays considered as a key element for a company’s long-term success. A study by Robert … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

5 future trends in philanthropy

Between October and December 2014, Forbes Insights conducted a survey among 400 individual philanthropists from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the U.S. They surveyed them on three main themes: the amounts given, innovation and the effort invested to promote … Continue Reading

Why does CSR have to evolve?

Marc Stoiber recently launched a book that mapped out disruptive trends today’s companies needed to futureproof themselves against. The book caused numerous conversations in which people describer more and more facets in need of futureproofing. To many people surprise, Corporate … Continue ReadingContinue Reading