Living the Dream: Working at a Cloud Software Company in Belgium

Concluding my elite rowing career, the dream to live and work overseas became possible. To accomplish this dream, I made the solo leap to London. My wife then started a master’s in Leuven which lead me to seek employment at … Continue Reading

History of Sports Sponsorship – Part 2 [Infographic]

Last month we introduced you to the history of sport sponsorship part 1: the ancient age, how everything began. Let’s continue now with the history of sports sponsorship part 2: the contemporary age. … Continue Reading

The History of Sports Sponsorship – Part 1 [Infographic]

The history of sports sponsorship began over 2.500 years ago. Back then, many victors returning home to the city received tax exemptions, statues erected at Olympia in their honour, and many other perks. See the infographic below to discover the … Continue Reading

Experts for Optimy: talking about sport sponsorship for small & medium businesses

Small & medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy. Today we want to hand it over to Cyril Dujacquier, Managing Director of Sponsorship Link, to learn more about sports sponsorship and smaller businesses. … Continue Reading

AT&T at the Byron Nelson Championship: a sponsorship using technology that everyone connects to

Event sponsorships are an excellent way for companies to show off what they’re best at. Consumers are fond of technology and there are companies in this industry who can use in-house knowledge to leverage their sponsorship. … Continue Reading

Why the FA cup has no sponsors, and probably won’t find any soon.

This month, the FA cup already enters the fifth round, with smaller football clubs taking on giants such as Manchester United. It is due such challenges that fans keep talking about the FA cup, where tiny clubs have the chance … Continue ReadingContinue Reading