Changing the world with COP21

At Optimy, we have always been keen on knowing the latest news about sustainability practices implemented and CSR updates. Throughout the year we have followed the developments of last year’s annual Conference of Parties (COP), the supreme decision-making body of … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

How collaboration and partnerships can boost corporate sustainability

As Henry Ford used to say: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” A quote that has not lost any of its relevance, also when it comes to pushing an organisation’s corporate sustainability objectives. Companies … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

How Sponsors use the Paralympic Games to promote their Corporate Social Responsibility

The Olympic Games in Rio this year have seen some great sponsorship campaigns. Today is the official start of the Paralympics – yes, the Games are not over yet! – providing another great opportunity to sponsors. The Paralympic Movement and … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

How to succeed in skills-based sponsorship? [infographic]

In today’s world, helping out others has proven to make yourself feel better. What a nice idea, and yet it is the principle of skills-based sponsorship. While this is still a French trend, skills-based sponsorship is getting a bigger place in … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Why CSR is important and what Millennials have to do with it

This is old news: if companies want to be successful, they have to be responsive to their customers’ demands. With consumers’ expectations constantly growing, this is increasingly challenging. … Continue Reading

CSR: can beer be a source of good? Buying beer for charity

If you are a beer lover you may sometimes feel bad. Bad because of consuming empty calories, bad because of the money you’re spending. … Continue Reading

CSR practices – are they always good?

Almost every business pays attention to CSR, whether it is to improve our planet or their own image. But generally, it all comes down to making a difference. However, this is far from easy. It is not just about saying … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Three amazing CSR campaigns you maybe missed!

During these last years we saw and supported more and more CSR creative campaigns, especially thanks to social media. Indeed, social media are now a common tool to create buzz and easily spread campaigns. … Continue Reading

How to improve the world both with heart and head? A few words about “effective altruism”

With the rapid development of CSR, companies have to face higher level of demands and investors apply a lot of pressure to maximize short term benefits. Giving more doesn’t result in rising satisfaction of the critiscs. On the contrary the … Continue Reading

The companies that are changing the world

It is said that CSR is a way for companies to have a positive impact on society while improving companies’ performance. Recently, an American business magazine Fortune has recognized and announced a list of companies making the most positive impact … Continue Reading