A practical guide to sponsorship management

Know your objectives Before you go forward with any projects you have in mind, you must know exactly what you want to achieve from it. Consider the objectives your goals of the project. Write down what you want to achieve … Continue Reading

A practical guide to grant management

Being a grantmaker is never easy when there are so many tasks to do for each application and when there are many applications to look through, it makes your job as a grantmaker harder. This article is put together to … Continue Reading

How to use Social Media for your Sponsorship

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[Infographics] The grantmaking process

Organisations making grants programs have a tremendous impact on the society and on individuals’ lives. Our experience working with foundations, and a lot of readings on the subject, allowed us to put together this infographics that sums up the grantmaking … Continue Reading

Grant management software: how it can help you to be more efficient

Have you ever wondered why a lot of larger organisations invest in tools for their foundation? Let’s start off by saying that every organisations start off small but how did they grow? Your answer will be through an investment that … Continue Reading

Traits that sponsorship managers should have

A sponsorship manager is somewhat a very interesting role to be in. Not only must you have a passion for the sponsorship activities itself, you must have an all round knowledge in many areas in order to be sponsoring the … Continue Reading

Infographics of the week: Understanding SaaS

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6 Books every sponsorship manager should read

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6 essential books to become a grant management expert

Being an expert in any field is never easy, the grant management one is no exception. As a result, we have searched and found six essential books to help you become an expert in grant management. You can find them … Continue Reading

How to manage a charity project in 5 steps

If you would like to create and manage a project you have to know exactly what its goal will be. Let’s use a charity run as an example, a very popular event in these last years.  Its aim is not … Continue ReadingContinue Reading