A practical guide to sponsorship management

Know your objectives Before you go forward with any projects you have in mind, you must know exactly what you want to achieve from it. Consider the objectives your goals of the project. Write down what you want to achieve … Continue Reading

How to use Social Media for your Sponsorship

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Grant management software: how it can help you to be more efficient

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This week in Sponsorship – week 36

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[Infographics] Sports Sponsorship

Are you curious about how the sports sponsorship industry is moving forward? Take a look at this infographic to know what is happening. Are you looking for a solution to manage your sponsorship activities? Source: Statista

Trends in grantmaking for 2017

Take advantage of the technology Good news for all you grantmakers, you can use technology to make your job easier and expand your grantmaking to target more people. With the existence of softwares that helps you manage your grant, you … Continue Reading

sport stadium

8 historical facts about sports sponsorship to amaze your colleagues

Have you watched a sports game without some brand’s logo on it? Still possible but less likely, of course, because majority of sponsorship is actually being sponsored on sports teams and sporting events. Here is an article of facts on … Continue Reading

Infographics of the week: Understanding SaaS

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Sponsorship spending trends for 2017 [infographic]

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3 Major Trends to Keep an Eye on in the Sponsorship Industry in 2016

The sponsorship industry is booming and it’s no secret that sponsorship is as widely spread and powerful as ever before. This trend is expecting to continue; according to IEG’s annual report, the industry will grow 4.7 % in 2016. Therefore, … Continue ReadingContinue Reading