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8 historical facts about sports sponsorship to amaze your colleagues

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Sponsorship spending trends for 2017 [infographic]

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3 Major Trends to Keep an Eye on in the Sponsorship Industry in 2016

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5 future trends in philanthropy

Between October and December 2014, Forbes Insights conducted a survey among 400 individual philanthropists from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the U.S. They surveyed them on three main themes: the amounts given, innovation and the effort invested to promote … Continue Reading

World Cup sponsorship: alternatives and trends

The article published in The Guardian gives some alternatives to the World Cup branding options and a detailed view of the global market for sports sponsorship. Sponsorship of events such as World Cup requires huge budgets, but there are other … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Two trends that can shape the future of philanthropy – 2nd part

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Two trends that can shape the future of philanthropy – 1st part

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The future of CSR practices

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Sponsorship: evolution and new trends

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