The Art of Giving at Christmas

By December 17, 2018Grant management

Christmas has long been known as the season for giving, but how much of that is actually true and not just a saying. For a lot of people, Christmas is an absolute nightmare! With so much to prepare and so little time, and let’s not forget buying all those presents for families and friends in return for potentially unwanted gifts.

A new study has shown that over 60 million unwanted gifts are going to be given this Christmas.


38% unwanted bath products

18% unwanted film/box sets

16% unwanted candles

16% unwanted chocolates

14% unwanted socks


According to a YouGov poll in the UK, 57% of people who receive presents at Christmas get one that they did not want. This shows that people tend to just give for giving sake during this time of year.

What if you can still give the people you love a gift AND do something good for someone less fortunate. After all, when asked what Christmas meant to them, 33% of adults (16+) said that it was the giving of presents and yet only 4% said it was about the receiving of gifts!

This shows that people clearly aren’t as interested in the presents they are given compared to choosing the perfect gift for someone. Here at Optimy, we have a solution. Bring your philanthropy spirit back into the season and buy that special someone a charity gift.

Adopt an Animal

Adopting an animal can be an amazing Christmas present and it can still be personalised. There are hundreds of charities around the world that are dedicated to a certain animal, from choosing a dog at the Dogs Trust in the UK to a bottlenose dolphin at Oceanic Society in Calfornia. You could even adopt an Australian wombat with the WWF.

Being able to choose your special someone’s favourite animal shows that you care and know them well, but also shows that you care about the environment, saving money on that unwanted gift with something that can make a difference.


Charity Christmas Cards

In the UK alone, an estimated 900 million Christmas cards are going to be sent out this year (that’s an average of only 16 cards per person). Imagine the amazing effect this could have if all 900 million were charity Christmas cards!

Charity Christmas cards still have a long way to go, the designs can be a little old fashioned and the amounted donated can be a lot less than expected, with some only offering 3% of the cost to a charity. However, cards brought directly from a charity a minimum of 60% is donated. Christmas cards are only kept for a few weeks before entering the trash, so this is a great way to give back whilst following the Christmas traditions.


Other options include buying a gift where a percentage of the donation goes to charity or making a donation in their name to a local charity or community centre. There are some many options on how to help others this Christmas. If you can’t find the time to volunteer in between working, Christmas shopping and cooking for your extended family or can’t spare the money after buying your children presents, there are still ways to give back. To find out more we are creating an in-depth whitepaper, shining the light on who is donating this time of year and how they are doing it. Keep a lookout to be the first to our free download.

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