This week in Philanthropy: week 31

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A new approach to corporate philanthropy

When thinking about corporate philanthropy, the definition of the word is often limited to ‘company resources for public benefit’ such as employee time, money, and product.  How useful are those resources to social sector organisations.

A product may have brought in so much revenue but still does not mean that it will be useful or valuable to the social sector. Companies can now create more philanthropic values by using the same commercial value but rather than for the purpose of advertising, it should be for a mission to help charities achieve their social missions.

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Bear Cam Founder Gives Perspective on Philanthropy

Annenberg Foundation, founder of project – livestreaming one of the top wildlife webcams in the world. In 2011 it was able to capture many engaging moments of wildlife. Anyone with internet access will be able to access to see it. It has gained over 22 million viewers.

The purpose of creating this project was for connecting people to nature as Charles Annenberg Weingarten founder of Annenberg Foundation believes that it is the best form of philanthropy.

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Philanthropy Gets Behind Connecting Aboriginal Children With Extended Families

Berry Street and VACCA, leading Victorian child care agencies have secured philanthropic support to complete a pilot program designed to connect aboriginal children in out-of-home care with siblings and extended family.

The foundation partnered with Gandel Philanthropy and Sidney Myer Fund to see the completion of 18 month pilot program.

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Philanthropy Partners invites nominations for Distinguished Service to Philanthropy Awards

Philanthropy partners of the Cape and Islands invites nominations for its 2017 Distinguished Service to Philanthropy Awards. Awards will be presented at the 21st annual Philanthropy day during the luncheon ceremony on the 8th November taking place at the Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis.

Each year Philanthropy Partners of the Cape and Islands recognises four individuals under these categories for businesses and/or organisations for their effort to support the nonprofit community: outstanding philanthropist of the year, Outstanding Business/Organisation of the Year, Outstanding Volunteer of the Year, and Outstanding Youth/Youth Organisation of the year. The 2017 submission deadline is Friday 22nd September for all categories.

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Free ice-cream at Greensboro

10,000 scoops of Moose Tracks ice-cream will be given away at LeBauer Park on Monday. The Salvation Army will receive $1 for each ice-cream given away.

The ice-cream produced by Mayfield Creamery arrives in truckload to meet the goal. The Salvation Army spokesperson Spencer Loman, whose agency provided emergency assistance to more than 22,000 people last year added, “we can do a lot with that.”

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Images: TechInAsia and Coconut Creatives

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