This week in philanthropy – week 73

Private Philanthropy tries to make up for the government shortfalls

A private philanthropy in Midland tries to help the less fortunate population in the area. Once the individuals were being interviewed, they talked more of the local organisations that helped them get through and no mentions of the government.

Barry Lee, 56 year old, of the Midland Texas said, “Oh, yeah. There’s lots of places. Salvation Army, Baptist Crisis, Presbyterian Churches. All the churches and stuff,”

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Student Philanthropy Council gives $13,000 to organisations

The College of Idaho’s Student Philanthropy Council has done its part to improve the Treasure Valley community through grant fundings and investment earnings.

As a continued of their 12th year tradition of giving, this year, the students distributed $13,000 in funding to 13 local charitable organisations.

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Local couple won philanthropy award

Dave Downey and Jane Hays will receive the Kyle and Phyllis Robeson Philanthropy award at the foundation’s annual Hearts of Gold gala.

The foundation considers the president of the Downey Group and Jane the director of the Downey Group generous with both their time and money.

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Philanthropy as a potential solution for social change

Representatives from the country’s top business houses discussed in a seminar about how businesses can contribute more systematically and sustainably to social development in Bangladesh.

The seminar was organised by the Aga Khan Foundation Development Network titled, “Doing Well by Doing Good: A Discussion on Business and Philanthropy.”

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