This week in philanthropy – week 75

In this week’s philanthropy news digest, we are bringing you the best hand picked news from the industry. Are you up to date with news from the philanthropy industry?

How the Oceans 8 cast’s philanthropy is changing the world

Although the casts in Oceans 8 are well known for their famous acting, not so many are yet aware of the philanthropy work that they do to change the world.

One good example was Sandra Bullock where her passion and commitment to helping others has led her to being named Glamour Women of the Year in 2016.

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Businesses can include philanthropy in their company’s mission

At the fifth annual Town & Country Philanthropy Summit featured a number of panels who are hugely involved with philanthropy.

During the discussion, it was discussed how companies and individuals can embrace philanthropy as a core value.

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Professor at Northeastern University studied philanthropy forecast and it’s direction

A professor published a study documenting his research on the focus of philanthropy in the previous years.

The study found out that between 2011 – 2015, 19 of the largest environmental philanthropies spent over half-billion dollars on climate change and energy-focused activities.

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Community foundations are key partners in achieving U.N. goals

The World Bank published an Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals. The U.N.’s development goals are a roadmap for powerful donor impact.

Community foundations will play an important role in achieving the SDGs but they do require local action to achieve them.

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