This Week in Sponsorship – Week 77

Welcome to your weekly sponsorship digest! Every week we create a post dedicated to one of our key roles.

This week’s digest has been exciting in sponsorship, with deals being made by large corporations all over the world. We have chosen our four favourite stories to share with you this week. First up, the United Kingdom!

Another Premier League Team Sponsored in Bitcoin

Newcastle United's new sponsorship deal is to be paid in Bitcoin

eToro, an online social trading network, has sponsored the Premier League team, Newcastle United, however, not in the traditional way. eToro has sponsored them in cryptocurrency, more specifically Bitcoin.

This sponsorship deal means there are now a total of seven premier league teams that receive their payments in Bitcoin from eToro; Tottenham Hotspurs, Southampton, Cardiff City, Leicester City, Crystal Palace and Brighton and Hove Albion.

What does this mean?

In theory, this should work in the same way. The only difference with a cryptocurrency is that it is online and you cut out the middleman – no banks! Cryptocurrency can be used to buy and sell products and services the same as printed money, however, it cannot be recalled, and people can stay completely anonymous. After the huge stock increase in Bitcoin earlier this year, and the later crash, Bitcoin has become (nearly) stable and 1Ƀ cash is still worth 458,65€. eToro say “What they [Newcastle United] choose to do with that [bitcoin] is entirely up to them”.

The sponsorship deal will work in the same way as normal deals, for eToro. Their brand will appear on the tickets, website, around the training ground and in the background of player interviews.

We look forward to seeing how these Premier League teams spend their Bitcoin.

You can see the original article here.

What they [Newcastle United] choose to do with that [bitcoin] is entirely up to them

YouTube Music has Signed a New 2-Year Sponsorship Deal

YouTube Music signs new sponsorship deal with American Music Awards

Youtube Music was released on the 22nd May this year and is so far struggling to keep up with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, but with their new two-year sponsorship with the American Music Awards (AMAs), they are looking to change this.

The agreement gives the AMAs a chance to stream to Youtube’s massive online following, whilst giving YouTube Music a platform to promote to its biggest target audience by creating unique content for the awards show.  “We look forward to enhancing the AMAs in a unique, innovative, and immersive way,” said the CEO of Dick Clark Productions, Mike Mahan to Variety.

What else has Youtube been up to?

Youtube Music have already signed a big sponsorship deal this year with a year-long contract with Rolling Stones. As well as implementing a new hiring scheme bringing in 15 new senior execs to put in place the “largest marketing plan in YouTube’s history” – Lyor Cohen, Head of Music.

But it’s not just YouTube Music on the rise, YouTube TV is also spreading its awareness with deals with the Major League Baseball World Series, as well as a multiyear deal with the National Basketball Association’s championship series. Not to mention being the exclusive broadcast partner of three Major League Soccer teams; the Orlando City Soccer Club, the Los Angeles Football Club, and the Seattle Sounders.

For the original article click here.

Badminton Vs Tennis for the Ultimate Sports Sponsor

Badminton earns more than number 1 tennis stars due to sponsorships

Badminton is not seen as the most glamorous, or richest sport, however, there is now a sports star in India, Pusarla Venkata Sindhu, whose weekly income is $US 163,000 (€140,539 EUR) thanks to prize money and of course, sponsorships.

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu, from Hyderabad, won India’s first silver medal in the women’s singles in the 2016 Rio Olympics, becoming a national hero. Now, the 23-year-old has made it to the top 10 of Forbes highest paid female athletes in 2018, placing at number seven.

Prize money alone earnt Sindhu an impressive $US500,000 (€431,025 EUR) but with the help of sponsors and endorsements from Nokia, Gatorade, Reckitt Benckiser, Bridgestone, AND Panasonic, she added another massive $US8m (€6,897,905 EUR) to her income.

This is an extraordinary feat for someone who is largely unknown in the sporting industry outside of her home country.

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New Deal Between German Condom Brand and League of Legends Team

German condom brand sign new sponsorship deal with eSports team Unicorns of Love

Described as “Cheeky, Young, Dynamic – and Fitting!” by Thomas Ottl, Lagardère Sports director of esports, who signed this deal.

The German Based condom brand, Billy Boys, has signed a sponsorship deal with the European League of Legends team, Unicorns of Love, lasting until the end of 2018.

This partnership is adding to the growing trend of non-endemic sponsorship deals within the esports industry. With Dominoes deal with Gfinity and alcohol brands creating deals with ELEAGUE, ESL, and DreamHack. Organisations are now using this growing platform to promote to an older audience and we think it’s going to be fascinating to watch their progress.

To find out more, click here.

Cheeky, Young, Dynamic – and Fitting!

It’s been a busy week with some exciting stories. Remeber to check out our social media to keep up to date with sponsorship information as well as grant management and community investment.

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