Top 10 fictional foundations that everyone would love to work for

Have you ever watched a film and wished that those fictional foundations are real and wish that you could be a part of that foundation? They are often too good to be true. Read this article to see our list of the top ten fictional foundations that everyone would love to work for!


S.H.I.E.L.D is a special law enforcement and counterterrorism agency published in American comic books. It deals with paranormal and superhuman threats. Imagine if you have the opportunity to be part of a spy team that deals with things that are beyond the scope of normal. Having a work life that is going to be different everyday. Finding out what the problem is and sending the right superhero with special power to solve the problem, how cool would that be?


Also published in American comic books, this company is owned by Iron Man. According to Forbes, it is the 25th largest fictional companies. It develops and manufactures advanced weapons and defence technologies. The armour worn by Iron Man and War Machine was builded by Stark Industries and so was the helicarriers that are used by S.H.I.E.L.D. Imagine being part of a company that build defence weapons that will help superheroes out as they try to defend citizen. Imagine being a part of a company that saves lives. 


A major law firm based in New York City in SUITS. Although the main character that was hired by Harvey for the law firm isn’t a lawyer by qualification (Mike), he has knowledge of all law books and good intention throughout the series. Mike not having law qualification is a secret that is kept within the law firm. Later on in the series, more and more people discover the secret and still kept it as a secret but this isn’t the case, even though it has dark secrets for being a law firm, the law firm wins every court case and mainly to help good citizen solve their problems. They also decline cases if they are aware that clients are in the wrong as their intention is to help good citizens get their possessions back. 


Why would it be so awesome working for Wonka Factory, you ask? Why would it not be if you were part of a chocolate factory that fulfils all kids dreams? It gives everyone an equal opportunity. In order for you to be able to have the access to the chocolate factory, you don’t just buy expensive tickets to get the experience, everyone buys the same price chocolate bar and if they are lucky enough to have picked the wrapper that contains the golden ticket, that would be their opportunity to tour the Chocolate Factory. This shows that everyone has an equal opportunity but sometimes a hint of luck does help! 


Hooli is a tech company, about the same size as Google, based in Silicon Valley. Hooli is the Silicon Valley version of Google. Think of how much knowledge you were to have and how much more you will be learning from your seniors and colleagues if you have the opportunity to work for Hooli. The fact that it is based in Silicon Valley which is known as the city of techs. Getting into work everyday doing cool things that matter – company like Hooli, if it’s comparable to Google then it should have high targets and for you to be a part of a large company’s success is something to look forward to on a daily basis. 


Also known as WayneCorp, The company is owned by Superhero Batman. The company also has a foundation called Wayne Foundation where the primary aims of the foundation are, globally, to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology. If you were part of a company that aims to make the world a better place by giving opportunities to the less fortunate, and the fact that the company is owned by a superhero, just changes the company’s brand image completely.


As much as CDC is a real foundation that helps to cure diseases, it was also in a film called Contagion where the virus was spread all around and it all started in Hong Kong. The aim of CDC is to find out the causes of the virus and discover ways to cure the virus. Who wouldn’t feel honoured to be a part of a foundation that helps cure viruses and saves many lives all around the world. 


A location where young wizards come in search for their unique wand purchase any other item they may require to further their wizard skills. As you enter, stacks of boxes all around the wall since the entry to the ceiling of the building, what more would you need if you can just cast a spell at work and get anything you want? 


A family  run company in Rare Exports, Inc. will give you the opportunity to see things that are not easily seen in our ordinary world and the company then makes profit from selling them. 


The company is fuelled by human emotions, although you get to be a cuddly monster and get to look differently to every other monsters, there is no discriminations whatsoever. Your job also gives you the opportunity to travel. Imagine having many different doors next to each other in the monster world but in the human world, it may take you to two complete different continents. If this exist in the real world, we should be able to visit every countries in the world in such a short time.

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