How to be transparent with your grant projects

Being transparent is very important when it comes to sharing information with your funders. Funders would like to know how and where their money are going to be spent on. They want to know what differences their support is going to make.

This article is put together to help you be transparent when it comes to your grant projects. You will also be finding out reasons to why you should be transparent in each section. Continue reading to know how:


List all the details

The details section will help you be extremely precise with everything you want to tell about the project. Below you will find some guidance to informations you should include in the details of your project.

  • What the project is
  • How is the project going to run
  • The budget for the project
  • How is the project going to make a difference to anything
  • Mention some issues – followed by how they can be the solution
  • Mention a lot of success stories from previous projects that has been operated the same way.

If you use a tool, you should have all your information in one dashboard for each project you have. You should already have all the information ready for you, all you are required to do is extract the information you need.


Use data as an evidence to everything you talk about

Data is a good way to show that you have done your research hence you can put together such amount of information. Sometimes giving too many information without any evidence to support will make the reader question whether this is true or is just something made up.

In any proposal or report that you write, you have to give no opportunity to the funder to question any details you give so having data alongside your information will be beneficial.

A tool will be very beneficial when it comes to collecting a lot of data. No matter what information you have requested the software to collect, it has collected all of it for you so you no longer have to go through piles of paper to collect any data you want the share with your funders.


Mention the awards you’ve received

Show what your foundation has to offer when it comes to showing off information to funders. Tell your success stories and awards you’ve received for doing what you do. This will help keep them at peace of mind whether or not you are good at doing what you do. If you receive awards doing what you do then there should be no question towards your foundation’s abilities.


Let them know that they do make a difference

With all of the above points mentioned, make sure you also let the funders know that everything was possible with their help and with their thoughts of wanting to make better changes, improvements, and giving opportunities. When you show appreciation to the funders, it will let them know that with their help, anything is possible. This will also make them proud of what they have done in order to make the world a better place.

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