Trends in grantmaking for 2017

Take advantage of the technology

Good news for all you grantmakers, you can use technology to make your job easier and expand your grantmaking to target more people.

With the existence of softwares that helps you manage your grant, you can easily monitor your job from anywhere in the world. From managing the  designing the application process to accepting or declining applications, or even better, expanding your reach with grant applications from many locations around the world.

This way, your grantmaking isn’t just limited to one area if you are willing to opt into worldwide opportunities. You can be more spontaneous by allowing people worldwide to apply for your grants. 

Based on any information you have collected in each application, data will be collected through the software that you use in order for you to see what is working well and what is not. It will help you figure out what direction to head to next within your industry through the patterns from the data.


The advantages of data

Seeing that data will help in many areas in your industry, here are a few to list:

  • The results of any information you have been collecting will help you make decisions on any other areas that should be focused on in the future.
  • Data will show grant seekers what your foundation is all about and how the performance has been in the past based on the data available to them.
  • Data will help you answer many questions you may have regarding your industry because the answer itself is within the performance which has been collected through data.


Tell an amazing story

With the rise in social media, grantmaking isn’t limited to just private foundations anymore. There are many online websites that people can seek grant from.

On websites like these, it will not be well funded unless it was shared through social media. The story told towards the funding has to be engaging in order for people to share the content.


So there you have it, a list of trends in the grantmaking industry. For more articles like this, don’t forget to subscribe to Optimy newsletter to stay on top of the news!

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