This week in philanthropy – week 53

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Retired NFL player and wife give back to community

Former NFL player, Jackie Battle and his wife, Christine, opened a business that gives back to the community.

The business model, Philanthropy, was suggested by his wife and he said that he fell in love with the concept of combining business and ministry as they could both incorporate their faith into the business.

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Aspen Thrift Shop champions local philanthropy

Aspen Thrift Shop has been selling goods at affordable price and distributing grants to other nonprofits in the valley.

The Thrift Shop was formed in 1949 to help the old “citizen hospital” at the base of Red Mountain. Over time, the Thrift Shop evolved into a philanthropic women’s organisation.

A volunteer said that when she started in 2006, the Thrift Shop was at about $175,000 and now they’re giving away over $600,000 in grants and scholarships.

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The story of Bloomberg LP’s rebuilding team in the U.S. Virgin Islands

After the hurricanes, America’s CEOs reacted by orchestrating one of the single largest philanthropic moments in recent memory. They are contributing both in the scale of their generosity and the method of their execution.

One of the method of the “all-in philanthropy” model is to be unfolding in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where a well-resourced team of Bloomberg is leading a sustained on-the-ground recovery effort.

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Santa Claus at Western Branch Philanthropy made 100 children happy for Christmas

Many kind hearted souls helped out 100 children through Western Brand Philanthropy, a grass-roots organisation that started on Facebook a couple of years ago. The purpose of the group was to understand the idea of giving is a year-round way of showing compassion.

At Christmas, Karen Pinegar, especially, worked hard to make the holidays season better for those who needed extra help.

The post on Facebook asked for helpers to get toys out of a storage unit to give to children in need.

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Here you have this week’s news of the philanthropy sector, this hopefully kept you informed on the latest occurrences in the industry.

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