This week in sponsorship – week 52

Are you up to date with news in the sponsorship industry? This article is crafted to give you updates on the best picks of news from the sponsorship industry.

Photographer Set to Award $2,500 Sponsorship to Local Team

Nicole LaRose, 17, is set to award $2,500 sponsorship to local team as a result of her love for taking photographs which gained lots of attention from social media.

After coming up with the idea of selling calendars with pictures that she took of the racing cars, LaRose found nine local sponsors to get the production going.

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Smarkets Enters Horseracing Sponsorship

The news was revealed in The Racing Post that Smarkets, London Headquarter has agreed a horseracing sponsorship for the very first time.

In total, Smarkets will be sponsoring 240 races, including the Rose of Lancaster Stakes at Haydock in August.

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Honda Celebrates its 58th Years of Honda with a Sponsorship Social Campaign Helping Children in Need

In the Honour of Honda’s 58th Year, in the Rose Parade, for every rose emoji that was shared on Facebook and Twitter, Honda will donate $1 to charity up to $25,000.

The auto aker believes that every child deserves a chance to pursue their dreams.

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Two boys receive sponsorship to join High School

Two boys, Esinyen Ekidor  16 and Jackson Lokusi 15 in Turkana County received sponsorship which has given them the opportunity to attend Alliance High School.

The sponsorship was made generously by Cradle Hotel Managing Director, Dr. Wanjiku Ndungu.

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Image source: Nicole LaRose’s Instagram account

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