Why you should own your data for grantmakers

To make everything more effective, you must understand the current state of your organisation and the performance in everything that your organisation does. Data can give you the answer to that, precisely. In order to know the areas where you can expand and improve, you must know the current state, from there, you can figure out areas for improvement. Here are some points to help you understand why collecting data for everything that you do is very important.

Understand where you stand

Let’s say you want to be able to make better impact but you don’t know where you begin because you don’t know where the answer lies. If you have been collecting data, you would easily know the answer because data shows the progress accurately. From data, you can track back everything and through the analysis of data, you will be able to understand why the result was what it was. You can also understand why you stand where you stand and if this is where you would like to be in the industry, if not, data can help you figure out what to do next!

Understand areas to improve

From data, you can see what works well and what doesn’t work well. After you’ve analysed and noticed the pattern, you will know which area require more attention and work from there. You will know which areas to change and which areas are good to remain the same.

Analyse where you stand in the industry

Want a better result? Want to be doing good? But what is good? You must have something to compare to in order to know what good is to you and compared to that, how good do you want to be? The ‘good’ that you want to be is comparable through data and through metric of measurement of your choice depending on what you see as important.

There you have it, some of the reasons why you absolutely need to start owning your data by collecting it and using it to its potential. If data is available to you then it is down to you whether or not you’re going to take advantage of this.

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